11 Best Supplements and Vitamins for Weight Loss


9.Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a trace mineral that our bodies need in small amounts but is significantly reduced in the American diet due to the over processing of our foods. Chromium plays a role in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and has been studied for its effect on supporting healthy blood sugar levels, curbing crabings, and fighting body fat.

10. Grape Seed Extract


Grape seed extract could be a useful weight management supplement, suggests a small study, the first to test the effects of the extract on calorie intake in people. It works by delaying the absorption of food; therefore, it leaves you feeling less hungry than you would normally.

11.Alpha Lipoic Acid

ALA is a naturally occuring sulfur-containing antioxidant that has an insulin like effect on the body when consumed. ALA has been shown to increase glucose uptake by acting like insulin and this helps to signal the body to store less fat. It also lowers blood glucose levels which helps drive the fat burning!

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