5 Easy Workouts To Lose Weight


Weight loss can be attained with a full­ body workout routine. You can shed your extra pounds by burning the excess calories that you consumed. This workouts that can be done anywhere and anytime. However, body weight workouts also help you in burning calories, building muscle and also help in boosting your metabolism. With this 5 easy workouts, you can help your body lose fat in more one way.

5 Workouts To Lose Weight


1. Jumping Jacks

Stand up straight and place your feet next to one another. Your hands should be at your side. Slightly bend your knees and jump, spreading your feet about shoulder­width apart. While you jump, accomplish your hands up and over your head. They should touch of the time your feet hit the ground. Jump back into starting position to complete one rep.


3 sets 20 reps

2. Jump Squat

You can work out your thigh muscles of jumping and squatting. Simply place your hands behind your neck and jump in the air. Gently land and move into an squat by bending your knees.

Hold for 3 to 5 seconds ahead jumping into the next rep.

3 sets 15 reps

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