5 Exercises for Perfect Legs


Legs! Who doesn’t want a pair of perfectly formed and shapely legs? You can show them off almost any time of day or place (hemline will vary!) – unlike the chest area or the abs (if you have them!). Luscious legs are an easy way to look fabulous, without seemingly trying. The perfect pair of legs requires a low body fat percentage and muscle for shapeliness. The bad news is, to get a pair of perfect pins you do have to put in the work. The good news is; it’s totally worth it.

Here are 5 Moves to Get Sexy Summer Legs Fast:


1. Squats – This leg exercise might not sport a sexy name, but these moves will give your legs the ooh-la-la factor.

How to do a squat: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, pointing toes at an outward angle. Clasp hands in front of the chest for balance. With back straight and chin up, lower the body to a squat position. Be sure to keep knees in line with your ankles (bending knees over your toes increases the chance of injury). Rise back up. Complete 12-15 reps.

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