6 Butt exercises that won’t hurt your knees


Lunges and squats are often referred to as the masters of lower body exercises. In addition to your legs, these functional, compound exercises also work your buttocks. However, poor form, a muscle imbalance, the consistent overload on your knees, and the repetitive motion, can make these exercises wreak havoc on your knees. Not to fear, you can still strengthen and shape your glutes with do­able, effective exercise that are easy on your knees. Here are 6 effective exercises that will get your butt round and firm while keeping your knees safe.



The bridge exercise effectively works your glutes, while also engaging your legs and calves. During this exercise you’re lying face up on the floor with your knees bent and your feet hip­width apart, flat on the floor. After engaging your abs, raise your hips, lifting your butt and lower back off the floor. When your body is aligned from your knees to your shoulders, squeeze your buttocks for two seconds, and then slowly return to the starting point. Finish at least eight repetitions and two sets.

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