Foot Reflexology for Natural Healing


Did you know there are 26 bones in the feet and over 3,000 nerve endings?   it’s time to step into new territories.  The feet have long been symbols in one form or another.  To some cultures, such as in Asia and the Middle East, it is customary to remove shoes before entering houses and temples to show respect.  The washing of feet in scriptural references shows equality and honor and analysis of the toes and foot shape has often provided one wisdom into the lineage and health of the one possessing the feet.  Some say you can ‘read’ a person by their feet.  Perhaps learning the simple art of foot reflexology could be a beneficial tool to acquire for self-healing purposes and general health.

What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is the application of certain pressure points on the feet at specific locations meant to correlate with different parts of the body.  Reflex points stimulate energy or Qi through the body energy lines or meridians (as known in Chinese Medicine).  Looking at a reflexology chart, one would see the feet representing the entire body, in miniature, with the toes being the head, neck and shoulders; the ball and arch of the foot reflecting internal organs and the arch- the spine – and so forth.

As gentle to intense pressure is applied and massaged, the body is thought to experience a ‘release’ of congested energy in the tender spots – therefore leading to relief of painful conditions and body ailments.

Anyone can learn reflexology through self-education.  There are plenty of books, videos and tools out there to assist one at becoming proficient at this powerful art.  The great part is you always have someone to practice on – yourself!  In fact, before practicing on anyone else, it’s a good idea to ‘get good’ on your own feet.

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