How To Lose 21 Pounds In 21 Days Naturally– (Weight Loss GUARANTEED)


1.Diet Principles

Carrot Juice

This cleansing diet plan stresses that it is not a weight loss diet and is based on three principles:

  • Rest
  • Reduce
  • Rebuild

According to the author, “Rest comes from not chewing and ingesting nutrients in liquid form. Eliminating toxins, resting the body and engaging in elimination therapy, you cleanse and rebuild the body so it can shed weight.” And while it isn’t meant to be a weight loss diet, the very nature of detoxification aids the body in shedding unwanted weight in the process.

2. Different Plans

Following a liquid detox diet is not easy, but this plan offers three different choices designed for different purposes.

  • A two-day weekend plan
  • A seven-day plan
  • 21-day plan


Basically, these three plans are really one and follow the same regimen of drinking every two hours. The author suggests that the 21 day plan be followed once a year while the seven day plan should be initiated as a “cleanup” each season four times a year. The two day plan is recommended as a weekly cleanse to be followed as a weekend detox.

3. Supplements and Services

This diet isn’t as easy as drinking your juices every two hours. Supplements and services to help the detoxification process include:

  • Enzyme capsules
  • An herb cleansing formula
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lymph drainage massages
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Liver flushes
  • Kidney cleanses
  • Body wraps
  • Detoxifying baths
  • Weekly coffee enemas and colonics

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