How to Lose Face Fat


Looking to lose face fat? Nobody likes to carry weight in their face, but unfortunately many of us do. No matter what you think of your body, it’s easy to flatter your figure with the right clothing styles. If your face flaunts your extra pounds, however, you can’t exactly wear a ski mask for the rest of your life.

Part of the problem is genetics. If your face is round or you have a tendency toward a double chin, you may never exhibit hollow cheekbones. In addition, there isn’t much you can do to target the fat in a specific area, although you can scroll down to find out how face yoga can help give you a slimmer look.

You can lose face fat by shedding some weight overall, making quality food choices, lifting weights and avoiding water retention. When all else fails, focus on your skin care for a slimming effect.

Why You Can’t Shrink Just Your Face

Fat is stored throughout your body so that it can be drawn upon for energy.When you burn fat, what your body is actually doing is transforming some of the fat stored in the cells to energy that it can use.

The part of the body from which the fat is mobilized is genetically predetermined. Even though you consider your face fat to be a problem, your DNA might not agree.

As you age, you lose collagen, which provides that plump appearance. Some anti-aging regimens restore firmness to the skin. That can also make you look a little chubbier in the area.

However, the tradeoff is that your skin won’t sag as much.


Your facial structure is also responsible for how fat your face appears. If you don’t have a strong jaw line, you may look like you have a double chin.

If you are struggling to make your face look thinner, try the tips below. Losing overall weight can help, but I have provided you with some other strategiesthat you can use if you still want to slim your facial appearance at your target weight.

1. Lose Body Fat

Even if you’re at a healthy weight, you may have more body fat than you need.

Muscle & Fitness makes a good point about where your mindset has to be in order to lose body fat. If you view a fat-loss program as having an endpoint, you’re more likely to rebound when you reach your goal.

Make losing body fat a lifestyle choice, and it will be something that continues throughout your life.

Some of the best feedback we get from our clients is how they were able to modify the diet to fit their needs in the long-term.

Some other ways to lose body fat are:

  • Drink more water – You’ll help your cells mobilize the fat that needs to be burned.  We recommend 100 ounces a day! drink a lot of water to lose face fat
  • Create a calorie deficit – Eat fewer calories than you burn.
  • Eat fewer sugars and starchy foods – Consuming too many sugars in one sitting gives your body more energy than it needs, leaving excess energy to be stored as fat.
  • Cycle your carbs – Limit your carb intake on rest days. Eat carbs to fuel up on days that you’re working out.  *This is another key principle in our Fat Loss Challenge as well!
  • Drink black coffee – We have a whole article on the health benefits of black coffee if you’d like to know more!

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