Know Your Belly Type, Lose Weight Fast


Not all women are created equally — or at least as far as our bellies are concerned! Your belly type is dependent upon your musculo-skeletal structure, genetics, lifestyle, diet and more. James Duigan, fitness expert and A-list celeb trainer, has narrowed down the belly types to five: spare tire, stress, pooch, mommy and bloated. Once you figure out which belly type you have, you can address the weight loss with focus and efficiency, tackling the core of stubborn belly extras. All of the information below is based off of Duigan’s research and recommendations.

1. The Spare Tire: The spare tire is one of the easier belly types to deal with, since it’s generated mostly from eating the wrong food and being inactive. The wrong foods are usually sugary foods that spike the blood sugar levels, create cravings and rapidly transition into stored fat.


> Solution: To lose weight, avoid white breads, pastas and cakes and try a sugar detox for a few days. Start walking after dinner, taking the stairs and incorporating beginner workouts to your routine.

2. The Stress Tummy: Slow down! These bellies are often found on workaholics and perfectionists. The stress you create and absorb from your day-to-day doesn’t just blow over your head — it settles in your gut as cortisol. This bulge is seen in the front of the belly, centered around the belly button. Sometimes, it’s even a little tough to the touch.

> Solution: Burn this type of belly fat by limiting the caffeine (seriously), giving yourself a bed time, prepping your snacks or stock only healthy ones and making sure you’re getting magnesium. Instead of trying to scorch the fat off, try a more gentle approach with your workouts, like yoga or light resistance training.

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