Simple Yoga Moves for People Who Sit too Much


If you sit a lot, your hip flexors could get tight and shorten, which can cause lower back problems. It’s also important for runners, walkers and cyclists to stretch them out. Try out these yoga moves  to get your hip flexors open and loose.

1.Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana): 

Low lunge is ideal for those who find balancing difficult. This stretch focuses on the hips, groin and quadriceps.


 From standing, exhale and step your left foot back and lower it to the floor with your hands framing your front foot. You can bring your hands to blocks or to the floor, just be sure to keep your right foot between your hands, and directly below your knee. Inhale and lift your chest to reach up and forward, pressing the shoulder blades in against the back. Keeping your hips square, draw the tailbone down and gently pull your belly in toward your spine.

Hold here or for a deeper stretch, inhale and reach the arms over the head with your palms facing in. Be mindful to lift out of the pelvis so you don’t jam the lower back.

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