Want to lose arm fat and belly jiggle? Do this.


You want to lose the spare tire around your stomach and you want to lose the bat wings you’ve suddenly developed on the back of your arms.  You know…that extra stuff that hangs over your jeans and that jiggle that keeps waving long after you’ve stopped?  I feel you.  The stomach and upper arms are just two of the spots where women are blessed to store some extra fat (along with the thighs and the lovely “bra bulge” on our upper backs.

Follow the guidelines below, Mama, and you’ll be saying goodbye to those trouble spots! 

What it really comes down to when we want to shrink our trouble zones is fat loss. While exercise is great for building muscle and certainly plays a part in the fat loss process, we have to first look at our eating habits because what matters the most is what goes into our body.



What is all comes down to when we want to lose fat is a caloric deficit.  In other words, we need to burn more calories than we take in.  BUT! Before you go running for the cardio, keep reading because my tips are far more effective than a shit ton of boring cardio.

Here’s what I want you to do:

First, keep a 3-5 day food journal and write down everything you eat.  Yes, that handful of chips needs to be written down.  After 3-5 days take a good look at what you’re eating then see how you match up with the following guidelines. Look at where you can cut back or increase and change up certain food choices.

Below is a super simple layout of each food group, portion sizes and examples of what types we should eat when we’re wanting to lose fat.

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