What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?


Do you hide away in a little ball, or open up and face the stars? Did you know that the position in which you sleep may reflect your personality? Robert Phipps, a body language expert, has studied the most common sleeping positions to determine how it reflects a person’s personality and outlook on life. The way you sleep can give startling insights into how stubborn, content, bossy, happy, depressed, or even stressed you are.  Check it out:

A. Fetal Position (lying curled on one side with legs bent).

This is by far the most popular sleep position on the list, with half of the people studied choosing it every night. People who sleep this way are often guarded at first, presenting a tough exterior, but have shy and sensitive natures deep down and relax more as one gets to know them.

B. Log Position (lying on one side with legs straight and both arms resting at the sides).


 If you “sleep like a log,” as the old saying goes, you’re likely to be sociable, easy-going, and trusting in your daily life. People with this sleep position can be prone to gullibility.

C. Yearner Position (lying on one side with both arms stretched out in front).

 People who sleep this way were found to have open personalities tempered with occasional bouts of suspicion and cynicism. They were also found to be methodical and decisive, rather than impulsive.

 D. Soldier Position (lying on one’s back with both arms straight at one’s sides).

 True to form, people who sleep in this position are disciplined and set high expectations for themselves and others, while remaining quiet and reserved in demeanour.

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