What Your Face Tells You about Your Health


Your face can reveal a lot about your lifestyle, from bad digestion to low iron levels, according to health and beauty experts.

1. Mouth and chin

Lines around the mouth: “A primary concern for many women is ageing lines around the mouth, which can be caused by smoking,” beauty and nutritional therapist Jennifer Young says. “The effects can be lessened by regularly applying lip balm.” And quitting smoking, of course.


Sores around the mouth: “Sores in the corner of the mouth may indicate a deficiency of B vitamins,” skin expert and facialist Nataliya Robinson says. “Try ­introducing more whole grains into your diet, along with green vegetables and meat – all are full of vitamin B. ­Alternatively, you could try taking a vitamin B supplement.”

Dry lips: “Dry lips show ­possible internal ­dehydration, vitamin B deficiency or you could be low in iron intake,” Robinson says. “Check with your GP and ­hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water.”

Dry skin/inflammation on the chin: “These are sure signs there’s a problem with the digestive system and bowels,” holistic therapist Annie Day says. “Gently ­massaging in circles and pinching and releasing the chin can help with constipation.”

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