What Your Nose Shape Can Tell About Your Personality!–Check Out What They Say


5. Roman Nose

This type of nose has a small bump about halfway down the ridge. People with this shape of nose are said to be very headstrong and ambitious in nature. They are great leaders and have strong personality. They boast intensity and are particularly good at rallying people to take action. Cleopatra, Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher are some of the famous people who had Roman noses. Who else came in your mind? Harry Potter? Yep.

shape of nose and personality

6. The beak

This shape of nose is narrow and a little hooked, like the beak of a bird, an assertive shape that has a slight curve in the middle. This nose belongs to determined idealists who have strong convictions, are ready to sacrifice for some people and generally are very creative. They are not easily swayed!

7. The hooked nose


The hooked nose is lumpy and the tip is very round. It’s a sign of a person who is very involved in everything they do. In addition, you make a great friend and you are very thoughtful.

shape of nose and personality

8. The convex nose

shape of nose and personality

People with this nose are charismatic and even if they aren’t in control of a particular project they know how to make themselves heard and have a lot of influence over other people. They are hard working.

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