Your Guide to Actual Weight Loss-(Lose Weight and Keep It Off)


2. See your doctor

If you honestly do suspect that your lack of continual weight loss may be a medical issue, please see your doctor first to make sure you aren’t having any real issues with your thyroid, with diabetes, with PCOS, etc. Don’t just say, well, I’m not losing weight because I have these things, and you’ve never been to a doctor, and even so, these are issues that can make it very difficult to lose weight, but NOT impossible. They should not be used as a total crutch for your actual bad behaviors that may additionally be preventing your weight loss like lack of exercise or eating 4 bags of chips a day. You may very well need to see a specialist who works with clients with these issues on your road to weight loss, but don’t just throw in the towel because a healthy diet and exercise plan even without weight loss, is still better for your body than the alternatives.

3. Get Sleep


A lot of what we do in our lives is affected by lack of sleep including lack of weight loss. Rest and recovery from working out or from a stressful day are essential. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you wake up moody and angry, you have no desire to work out, you get hungry and angry to compensate, you drink a lot of sugary coffee drinks to help prop you up, you come home exhausted, you eat whatever is fast food or convenient, still get no sleep, repeat. This puts a lot of stress on the body which can turn into belly fat and does not allow for the mechanics of weight loss to take over. Even if you have to temporarily do an OTC sleep aid to help you get some sleep, do it.

4. If you’re going to ditch anything, ditch carbs

Human beings do not need carbohydrates to survive, like at all. You don’t need rice, you don’t need tortillas, you don’t need rolls with your dinner. They are non-essential. The most successful diets are low to non-existent on the white stuff aka carbs/sugars, contain sensible amounts of protein (more if you’re exercising strenuously) and contain high quantities of vegetables. Even from the beginnings of our existence on the planet, this would have been what we ate and survived on. Meat when we could get it. Plant life when we couldn’t. Or some combination thereof. We now live in a world where we dump sugar onto everything and we eat an extreme amount of carbs like some 6-11+ servings worth of day. Diabetes is skyrocketing in this country because people are carbo loading unconsciously and storing all that as fat in the body because they are no where near professional athletes who can afford to burn all of it off. This wreaks havoc on the skin, on the blood sugar, on our waist lines, and leads us to weight gain.

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